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January 19, 2014 3 min read

LoyoMobile is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy more affordable talk, text, and data anywhere in the China and Hong Kong. But there’s even greater value for certain types of customers.

That’s because in addition to unmatched cost savings and convenience, Loyomobile lets you access a national 3G/LTE network instantly, with total privacy and anonymity, and with no long-term contract required.

This makes it the perfect choice for international travelers, business travelers, migrant workers, activists, journalists...

An affordable, short-term option for international travelers

Wireless for international travelersDo you spend a fortune on international roaming charges just to stay connected during your China travels? Or do you restrict yourself to emergency calls and unreliable hotel WiFi?
With LoyoMobile, you get unlimited access to a powerful, reliable communication network that stretches across the China and Hong Kong—without paying a dime in roaming fees.

Pay for what you need—nothing more
Best of all, you only pay for what you need, with cards that offer as little as 60 days of talk+text+data.

Full-strength, blazing-fast network
Worried about how reliable the network is? Don’t be. LoyoMobile connects you to a powerful, blazing fast 3G/4G(LTE) network that stretches across China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Relax and enjoy your travels
So the next time you travel in China, you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited access. Make as many calls as you want. Look up travel schedules. Download maps. Find a great restaurant nearby. Check the weather. Post some pics to Facebook and tweeter. Stream a movie while you wait for your flight. And do it worry-free, because you know it’s prepaid and ridiculously affordable.


 An on-demand, super-fast 3G/LTE network for business travelers

When you're traveling for business, the last thing you want to worry about is the outrageous cost of roaming. Whether you're in China/Hong Kong for a conference, an important meeting, or any other reason, you can't afford to lose touch with colleagues or clients—no matter what the cost.

No roaming fees
With LoyoMobile, you won't pay a fortune for powerful, free incoming calls all over China, unlimited connectivity.Just snap your SIM card into any unlocked GSM/UMTS/4G phone and get instant access to all the talk + text + data you need. No roaming fees and no unpleasant surprises when you open your phone bill. 

Blazing-fast access
If you're used to relying on weak, hotel WiFi, Loyomobile will rock your world. It's a powerful, superfast 3G/LTE network based on the biggest wireless carrier in China, that stretches from city to city all across China and Hong Kong. So wherever you are, you can stay productive and connected, whether you're in the car, on the street, or waiting in reception before the big meeting.

Your portable office
LoyoMobile also supports tethering, so your smartphone becomes a mobile hotspot that connects other devices such as iPad/iTouch/Kindle to the Internet. That means wherever you are, you can instantly set up a “remote office” and work on your laptop or tablet. You can even send files wirelessly from your device to a local printer. 

Your clients rely on you. Your company relies on you. Now you can rely on Loyo SIM to keep you connected and productive any time you travel for business.


Affordable, instant, no-contract access to talk, text, and data 

If you work in China for part of the year only, you know how hard it can be to find affordable phone service. As a temporary worker, you may not even qualify for local phone service. If you do, you may be forced to commit to a long-term contract that doesn’t fit your needs.

No restrictions, no credit checks
With prepaid Loyo SIM, you don’t need to sign a contract, submit to a credit check, or provide a local address. Anyone can purchase our SIMs, insert the card into an unlocked GSM/UMTS/4G phone, and enjoy instant, unlimited service. 

Service anywhere in China and Hong Kong
China Unicom's 3G/LTE network offers powerful, reliable service anywhere in China , including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. No matter where you choose to work, you can use your phone as much as you want. 

Free incoming calls all over China
Every Loyo SIM card lets you receive any calls from the world for free with no other terms!.absolutely free!

International Roaming available
Loyo SIM supports international roaming in most of the world. That means you won't miss any single call or text even if you return your home country.All the airtime remains available.For detailed roaming list.....

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