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June 20, 2014

As global travelers, we’re lucky to have technology on our side, especially with apps being invented everyday. After checking out the abundance of what’s out there, we’ve pinpointed the few that will not only make your travels easier, but more exciting, cultured and fun.WhatsApp for Messaging

WhatsApp for Messaging

What’s up with  WhatsApp? Well, pretty much staying in touch wherever you are. This amazing app allows any user to chat and message other users similar to texting domestically. It’s free of charge for the entire year, and from there costs .99 cents per year. That’s not such a bad deal if you regularly like staying in touch overseas. You can even send video and audio notes.

Be in the Know with City Papers

Do you want a local perspective on what’s going on around you?  City Papers does just that by providing access to over 3,000 English language newspapers across the globe. While abroad for business, this can be a great tool to relate to colleagues from other countries.

XE Currency

The name speaks for itself on this one. This simple  XE Currency app calculates dollar values instantly, making those ATM withdrawals quick and accurate.

What’s Happening Where You Are At That Moment

You can answer that question with the fun, real-time app  Around Me. Whether you’re looking for the closest bar, restaurant, gas station or pretty much any other business, Around Me has them listed by category and proximity based on where you’re standing. Around Me even has a map function, calculating the distance and how to get there.

Stay Connected with LoyoMobile

And, we hate to be really obvious, but it’s amazing when you’re freed from chained Wi-Fi and expensive data roaming. Wi-Fi can be congested and unsafe, while roaming can cause serious wallet damage. So next time around order a  LoyoMobile SIM. All you have to do is simply pop it into your smartphone or tablet. From there, you’re free to connect with colleagues, family and friends, and use all these awesome travel apps as spontaneously as you’d like.

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