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June 19, 2022 2 min read

Travelling to several countries in Asia ? We will help you prepare you journey and find the best eSIM plan for your needs

Preparing for a trip to Asia requires good preparation, no matter if you are going to China, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodge, or all of the above.

Many guides exist to help you prepare your trip (packing lists, country guides, itineraries) in Asia, and we won't help you with yet another travel guide about Asia. But we know a lot about sim cards, eSIM data plans, and how to get 4G or 5G connectivity while you travel.

You can connect to the internet at 4G speed and get mobile data with an international SIM prepaid data card, but that requires purchasing a SIM card in a store locally or at the airport, waiting in line, presenting your ID or passport, and swap your current SIM card with the newly purchased one. How annoying, right?

Instead of buying a prepaid sim card, what if you purchased an eSIM data plan? Let us guide you.


What Asian eSIM plans will we cover ?

This guide will be focused on eSIM plans for Asia, and which ones are the best according to us.

We'll focus on eSIM plans (see here if you're not sure what an eSIM is or if your device supports eSIM) that provide a significant amount of data, are valid for a reasonable amount of time (i.e., suitable for people who will be traveling and require network connectivity for at least one week (business trip, digital nomad, long vacations, etc. ), and are available in multiple countries. As a result, we'll concentrate on plans:

  • - That are compatible in all Asian or most Asian countries

  • - That offer a minimum of 3GB of data

  • - That are valid for at least 7 days (which is the minimum to enjoy a trip in Asia ).

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