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How It Works

January 19, 2014

Call cheap abroad

How does it work?

1. Once you arrive at your destination, remove your regular SIM card. 

2. Insert the new foreign SIM card you got from us to your unlocked cell phone. 

3. Use your phone as usual during your trip, without roaming fees. Enjoy cheap flat rate mobile internet and call back home at  fantastic rates!

How do I order?

Order your SIM card online, it will be shipped to you a few days before your departure. 

You will also receive a welcome letter with instructions, guiding you through the setup of your new SIM. 

Then, just enjoy your vacation and rest assured that there won't be expensive phone bills waiting for you at home!

Can I get mobile Internet too?

Absolutely! Most of our prepaid SIM cards include  flat rate mobile internet access at a low price. And more data package from 100MB-1GB available.

Do you charge me retrospectively?

Never! We provide  prepaid Pay As You Go SIM cards, which means there is  never any risk that you might end up spending more money than you've credited on your SIM card. We will  never invoice you retrospectively and there is  no contract.