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4G/3G Mainland China-HK Prepaid SIM Card

Mainland China & Hong Kong Data Package
  • Mainland China Airtime $0.7/min up; HK Airtime 0.3/min up
  • Mainland China&Hong Kong Data Package $38/200M/30 up
  • Applicable to 4G networks in Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Data Roaming Service in Mainland China at only $1.5/MB(Daily Capped at $48)
  • Free Hong Kong Ring Back Tone
  • Only HK mobile number is provided
Mainland China & Hong Kong Data Package
  • 2GB
  • 4GB



Ask a Question
  • Can I choose the activation date later? I need more than 4GB in 30 days in China. Can I buy two cards and only activate the second one when I have used all 4GB in the first card?

    YES. You can choose the activation data later, in fact it will activated automatically once you insert the SIM card into your phone. And, you can buy two cards and activate the second one once the first one were used up.

  • Hey I'm going to take a trip to China and I was hoping to get a Sim card activated with a number before I leave.

    Hi, we have a prepaid 4G SIM with data+text+calls, exatcly what you need. Also, will activate and provide you the phone number before you leave: