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China & Hong Kong 8 Days Unlimited Data SIM

Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Line are available in China via using this SIM card

Validity Period

The SIM card is valid for 8 days from the date of activation.
SIM Size
Nano、Micro、 Normal All-in-one SIM
 Mainland China、Hong Kong
Data Service
It provides 4G network mobile data service in Mainland China and Hong Kong, – 8 daysunlimited data usage (Once your data usage in reaches 5GB for 8 days “Fair Usage level”, the upload/download speed would be reduced and restricted (but not below 128kbps) and tethering and Peer-to-Peer services would not be available). 
Please Read Before Use
· Once inserted into the mobile device, the SIM will be activated. You can activate the SIM in Hong Kong, Mainland.
· The SIM is valid for 8 days upon activation.
· For internet settings, please refer to the instructions on the packaging.
· To recharge, please refer to the back of the SIM card package.
· Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and inquiry. 

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Ask a Question
  • does it works with IPhone 6?

    YES. It works perfect with all iPhone series including iPhone 6.

  • Hello, I'm going to have stop over in China twice 23.03.2018 and 24.04.2018. I would like to order in advance 2 x CHINA & HONG KONG 8 DAYS UNLIMITED DATA SIM so it can cover my 2 visit. How long in advance card may be delivered? It would be perfect if both card could be delivered to my home address in Spain before my travel (23.04.2018) but is it ok to buy card over one month before fist use or the window between purchase and activation is smaller?

    It will take 10-15 days delivery to Spain. You an complete your order at any at least one month before departure, the card is valid till 31 Dec 2019.

  • I am traveling from Europe, does the SIM card be used in Shanghai and Taizhou area?

    YES! This SIM works perfect all aroud China and Hong Kong.

  • I am traveling from Europe, can the SIM card be delivered to my hotel in Beijing for when I arrive? Must the card be activated in Hong Kong only?

    YES. We can deliver the SIM card to the hotel you will stay in Beijing, the SIM card can be activate both in China and Hong Kong.

  • does it include vpn already? can I access google, youtube...etc

    YES, it's a VPN free data SIM.

  • Is this a data only sim? Or does it include calling/texting as well?

    This is a data only SIM, no calls or texts included.

  • Hi there, How long will it take to get it delivered to Malaysia? I am travelling to Beijing this mid-August. Will I be able to get it in time?

    It will take 8-10 days to deliver to Malaysia. If you will leave soon, we can deliver to the hotel you booked in Beijing(China), it only takes 3 days.

  • Is there a counter at Hong Kong International Airport where can I buy this exact simcard? Appreciate your prompt reply!

    Hi, We don't have a counter at Hong Kong Airport, but we can deliver to the hotel you booked in Hong Kong.

  • hi! if I buy this data card can I use it in a pocket wifi? Do i still have to download a VPN application

    This SIM support tethering, you can use it in pocket WiFi, and this is a VPN free SIM.