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Asia SIM2FLY 4G 8 Days Unlimited Data SIM

  • Asia multicounty(*) 4G/3G 8-Days Unlimited Data
  • Registration not required
  • Data plan can be shared with other devices
  • 3-in-1 SIM card applicable to any Internet device / Smart Phone

Available Counties:

1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Hong Kong
6. Laos
7. India
8. Taiwan
9. Macao
10. Philippines
11. Cambodia
12. Myanmar
13. Australia NEW!
14. Nepal NEW 

15. Sir Lanka NEW
16. Indonesia NEW

17. Qatar NEW


Ask a Question
  • Is THAILAND included in the COVERAGE? I´m not sure can you guide me?

    Thailand is not include in the coverage.

  • Sorry to bug you again, I will ask the same question, is the "start using" date the same as activation date? or the activation date can be after the start using date/arrival when I manually activate it. Thank you!

    The "start using date" is the pre-activation date, you can also activate it by yourself manually when you arrive.

  • Using this sim card for Japan, it will connect to SoftBank, right? so I must be in areas with SoftBank coverage? If I order it now, but I will stay for 2 months in Japan, is it ok if the start using date is September, will it still work in Nov? Thank you!

    YES, it will connect Softbank network in Japan. This is a 8 days data SIM, so it will end after 8 days of activation.

  • When is the expiry date for this? until when can I use it?

    This SIM will expire after 8th day of activation or when it was used up.

  • Hello, What Did the arrival date mean? The time we wanna use them?

    The "arrival date" means the date you will start using the SIM.