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3HK Hong Kong China Macau Taiwan 10GB 4G network card + call

3HK Hong Kong China Macau Taiwan 10GB 4G network card + call 

(5GB China Hong Kong Macau Taiwan +5GB 5 social media data + $20 call charges (charges see below)) 

5 social media include Facebook Line Wechat Whatapp and ins

*Excessive validity period, no matter what time card is inserted, the last valid period is 31/12/2020 
*$20 call fee (see the figure below for the charge). The call charge can be recharged. 
* Rechargeable cycle application 365 days data plan 
*Speed ​​up to 42Mbps 
*Applicable to smart phones / lithography computers 
*3 in 1 SIM card 
*Plug and play free registration and free access 
* All 4G/3G mobile phones are universal ✓ Provide free whatsapp technical support Last use date: 31/12/2020 
*All information, including SIM, is provided by 3HK. All terms and conditions are subject to 3HK as the data usage and enquiry due date: Dial ##107# 

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