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4G Big Bay Area Prepaid SIM (with Hong Kong number)

Please Select Your Plan
  • 30 Days shared usage in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau,include:
    4GB Data Service + 100 Mins Voice Call + 100 SMS
  • Registration not required. For your instant usage upon purchase.
  • Tethering is supported
  • Service is valid from the next day upon activation to the 10th / 30th day 23:59 (Hong Kong time)
Refill Amount and Validity Period

This Card is for one-off use only. Refill is not applicable.

Services & Charges


Services Service region Total Usage Charges
4G/3G Data Services Mainland China & Macau & Hong Kong

Total Data Usage:

4GB(30 days)

$198 stored value will be deducted upon SIM activation.
Voice Call Service
    In Hong Kong, China and Macau:
  • Make outgoing calls to Hong Kong, China and Macau
  • Receive Incoming Calls
Total Voice call:100mins
Short Message Service
    In Hong Kong, China and Macau :
  • Send SMS to Hong Kong, China and Macau
  • Receive SMS
Total SMS:100 (Receive SMS are not included )


  1.  4GB mobile data, 100 mins voice call and 100 SMS service will be effective upon SIM activation. $198 stored value will be deducted accordingly
  2. Subject to the expiry date as printed on the SIM Cardholder, mobile data service is valid from the next day upon activation to the 30th day 23:59 (Hong Kong time).
  3. Mobile data service is only accessible in China, Macau and Hong Kong, but not in other areas.
  4. Designated operators(China:CMCC ; Macau:CTM ; Hong Kong:CMHK). CMHK reserves its absolute right to change the operator at any time without prior notice to the Customer.
  5. When data usage consumed in China, Macau and Hong Kong between 00:00 to 23:59(Hong Kong time) reached to 1GB each day (the data usage in China, Macau and Hong Kong are calculated separately),you can still enjoy data service. Data access speed is maintained at not more than 128kbps. Tethering, P2P applications(incl. BitTorrent) will not be supported.
  6. Tethering is supported.
  7. Actual data transmission speed may vary due to many factors, including but not limited to: network traffic conditions, handset models, handset settings (both hardware and software), uploaded/downloaded content and other external factors, etc.
  8. When customer is located out of 4G coverage in HK or designated country/region, CMHK/designated operators will provide service via 3G/2G EDGE network within 3G/2G network coverage.
  9. Only mobile data, voice and SMS are supported, neither value-added services.


Ask a Question
  • Will I be able to access blocked sites and services like WhatsApp, Facebook & Google/gmail using this card?

    YES. You can access Facebook,WhatsApp,Google using this SIM.

  • Does this comes with 1 Sim card or 2? Also if I get it shipped to my hotel in Shanghai how much and how long would it take?

    It comes with one SIM card. It's free shipping to China and Hong Kong, will take 2-3 days for delivery.

  • For the 2G/10days plan, I will be in China/HK and Macau for 12 days, if I activated it on the 1st day, will I just get cut off from any remaining data and phone minutes after day 10?

    Yes, all data and calling minutes will expire after day 10 23:59:59

  • Hello, what does it mean by "$148 / $198 stored value will be deducted upon SIM activation"? Do I need to pay the $149/$198 ?

    No, you don't need to pay additional HK$149/198, it will be deducted from the starter pack.

  • can i keep my Malaysia mobile number?

    This SIM comes with a Hong Kong number, you can use your Maylaysia mobile # by using another mobile phone, or dual SIM card phone.