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China & Hong Kong 8 Days Unlimited Data SIM

Validity Period

The SIM card is valid for 8 days from the date of activation.
SIM Size
Nano、Micro、 Normal All-in-one SIM
 Mainland China、Hong Kong
Data Service
It provides 4G network mobile data service in Mainland China and Hong Kong, – 8 daysunlimited data usage (Once your data usage in reaches 2GB for 8 days “Fair Usage level”, the upload/download speed would be reduced and restricted (but not below 128kbps) and tethering and Peer-to-Peer services would not be available). 
Please Read Before Use
· Once inserted into the mobile device, the SIM will be activated. You can activate the SIM in Hong Kong, Mainland.
· The SIM is valid for 8 days upon activation.
· For internet settings, please refer to the instructions on the packaging.
· To recharge, please refer to the back of the SIM card package.
· Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and inquiry. 

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • hi! if I buy this data card can I use it in a pocket wifi? Do i still have to download a VPN application

    This SIM support tethering, you can use it in pocket WiFi, and this is a VPN free SIM.

  • Is there a counter at Hong Kong International Airport where can I buy this exact simcard? Appreciate your prompt reply!

    Hi, We don't have a counter at Hong Kong Airport, but we can deliver to the hotel you booked in Hong Kong.

  • Hi there, How long will it take to get it delivered to Malaysia? I am travelling to Beijing this mid-August. Will I be able to get it in time?

    It will take 8-10 days to deliver to Malaysia. If you will leave soon, we can deliver to the hotel you booked in Beijing(China), it only takes 3 days.

  • Is this a data only sim? Or does it include calling/texting as well?

    This is a data only SIM, no calls or texts included.

  • does it include vpn already? can I access google, youtube...etc

    YES, it's a VPN free data SIM.