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China Tourist 4G Prepaid SIM - Local and IDD Calls + Data + Text

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Get all ready in home and just be connected right after you land in China!
China Tourist 4G Prepaid SIM allows you to access voice, text and data service while travelling in China. It provides One China Cellphone Number, and preloaded credit.
3-in-1 SIM CARD SIZE:  Standard (2FF), MicroSIM (3FF) and NanoSIM (4FF) size on one SIM card. Press out the size required.        
                                                                                powered by 
Pay As You Go SIM, no rental, no monthly fee,  with voice, data and text                                                      WHY NEED MY PASSPORT INFO?

  A free China local mobile number with 9 0 days of validity period -can be extended to extra months by topping up

4 G LTE high speed internet access, downloading speed up to 150Mbps

Unlimited FREE incoming calls                       

IDD activated, flat rates for IDD calls to 170+ destinations

Pre-activated, ready for talk and surfing
Easy recharging options available


Keep Your #:  

Losing or keep changing mobile number could result in losing a friend or client. No more headache, no more worries! Our Keep Your Number service allows you to keep your mobile number as long as you desire. Three simple plan fits your budget needs. This feature is only available to SIM cards sold by LoyoMobile.
  • 90 Days - $9
  • 180 Days - $18
  • 365 Days - $36


Basic Rates 



Incoming Calls

Free of charge

Outgoing Calls to mobile and landline





    International (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)



    China Mainland



    IDD Calls (with prefix 10193)

    Countries and Regions


    Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand(ACES006681200,006681201 not included), India, Australia-landline


    Taiwan, Macau, ROK


    Japan,  BruneiColumbiaCosta  RicaBermudaSri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam


    United Kingdom(00447\00449 not included), France(0033638\0033640\003359 not included), Germany(00497 not included), Australia(00437\00438 not included), Italy(003931\003937\003938\003939 not included), Portuguesa, Denmark , Switzerland, Greece, New Zealand, Australia-mobile, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey


    Syria, Egypt, Laos, Russia (excluding 007954), Ukraine, Zambia, Malawi, Tajikistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Israel, Paraguay, Mongolia, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Bahamas, Venezuela, Rwanda, Guatemala, Indonesia, Panama, Jordan, Uganda, Bahrain, Bolivia, Hungary, Iran, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Sultan, Tanzania, Georgia, Mozambique, Peru, Slovakia, Argentina, Moldova, Lithuania (excluding 00370910), Kazakhstan, Angola, Martinique, Finland, South Africa, Antigua and Barbuda, Bhutan, Uruguay, Armenia, Norway, Swaziland, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Lesotho, Salvatore, Qatar, Czech, Cape Verde, Chile, Jamaica, Ecuador, Lebanon, Eritrea, Luxemburg, Suriname, Barbados, Burma, Cyprus, Polynesia


    Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Garner, the Turks and Caicos islands, Belize, Romania, Benin, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Belarus, Aruba, Reunion Island, United Arab Emirates, Mali, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent Island, Fiji, Haiti, Malta, Cameroon, Oman, Grenada, Albania, Croatia, Nicaragua, Serbia, Honduras, Liberia, Netherlands Antilles, Burkina Faso, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Libya, Yemen, Senegal, Niger, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Palestine, Montserrat, Andorra, Slovenia, Brazil, Holland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Chad, Congo, Congo (gold) (not including 0024342, 0024343, 00243123, 00243127), Poland, Gabon, Gambia, Montenegro


    Ethiopia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Guadeloupe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ivory (Ivory Coast), French Guiana, Tunisia, Estonia, Ireland, Djibouti, Africa, Guinea, Western Samoa, Bulgaria, Como Lo / Mayotte, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Iceland, Iraq, Guyana, Togo




    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Dose your SIM works with my Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

      Yes. Our SIM works perfect with your Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+

    • Does your SIM works with Sony Xperia E5653? Also, once i insert the SIM and use data, how would i be paying for my data usage?

      YES. Our SIM works perfect with Sony Xperia E5653, for detailed phone specs, please refer to
      The SIM with 1GB or 2GB preploaded data, you need not pay for data usage.

    • Does this SIM card support international roaming? For example, if I use this sim card in US, can I receive text messages sent from China? Does the roaming need to be activated in person in China? Also, for your keep your # package, can I use this SIM card in China or in US during the # keeping period? How do I top up and extend the card when I am not in China?

      This prepaid SIM supports international roaming, so that you can use the SIM receiving text while you are in US. For keeping # service , please let us know how long you want the number kept,and we will send you the bill , then you can complete the top up process. 

    • I'm US Citizen traveling to China in July. I'm interested in CHINA TOURIST 4G PREPAID SIM - LOCAL AND IDD CALLS + DATA + TEXT and plan 1GB DATA + 50 MINS LOCAL CALLS OR 100 TEXTS. How easy is it to add to this sim once I am in China? Thanks

      We can deliver the SIM card to your home or the hotel you booked in China before you arrive.

    • Does the card work with my iphone 6 from verizon?

      YES. This SIM works perfect with your iPhone 6 from Verizon (need unlocked).

    • Does the sim card come with VPN?

      This prepaid SIM does not includs with VPN.

    • Does this SIM come with a local (+86) number? I want to be able to use Didi Chuxing when I am in China.

      This prepaid SIM comes with a local phone number (+86156********), and you can use it with Didi and ohter mobile apps when you are in China.

    • Can I extend the use of the SIM card indefinitely by topping up every 90 days?

      YES! You can extend the validity by topping up more credits.

    • Does this SIM support hotspot service on iPhone or other devices?

      YES! This SIM works perfect with hotspot on iPhone or other mobile devices.

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