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Greater China 30/15 Days Unlimited Data SIM

Validity Period

Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Line are available in China via using this SIM card

Validity Period

The SIM card is valid for 30 / 15 days from the date of activation.
SIM Size
Nano、Micro、 Normal All-in-one SIM
 Mainland China、Hong Kong、Macau、Taiwan
Data Service
It provides 4G network mobile data service in Greater China(Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan) – 30 or 15 days unlimited data usage (Once your data usage in Greater China reaches 6GB for 30 days / 5GB for 15 days “Fair Usage level”, the upload/download speed would be reduced and restricted (but not below 128kbps) and tethering and Peer-to-Peer services would not be available). 
Please Read Before Use
· Once inserted into the mobile device, the SIM will be activated. You can activate the SIM in Hong Kong, Mainland, Macau & Taiwan.
· The SIM is valid for 30 / 15 days upon activation.
· For internet settings, please refer to the instructions on the packaging.
· To recharge, please refer to the back of the SIM card package.
· Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and inquiry. 

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Ask a Question
  • Is the VPN included in this kind of SIM? So is it possible to use Google, Facebook, Instagram ecc?

    It's a VPN free SIM, you can use it to access Google,Facebook,Instagram,What'sApp etc.

  • Can I activate the card in China (Shanhai)?

    YES, you can activate the SIM card anywhere in China / Hong Kong / Taiwan /Macau.

  • It is not compatible with iPhone Xs?

    YES. It works perfect all iPhone series.

  • Hi, how long does it takes to deliver within mainland?

    Need 2-3 days to deliver within mainland China.

  • Hi. Can I make some phone calls with this SIM card (just in case of emergency). Won't need more than 30 min.

    This is a data SIM, with no calling minutes. If you need make/receive phone calls, please consider this SIM:

  • Do you guy provide posting service to South Korea? If yes, how long will it usually take?

    YES. We can ship to South Korea, it will take 15 days to deliver. Also, we can deliver to China hotel address in 2-3  days.

  • Is it possible to have the SIM card delivered to a hostel? And will I be able to keep my phone number?

    YES. We can deliver  the SIM card to a hostel, just like most of our customers do. This is a data only SIM, you can't keep your phone number.

  • Hi there, does this SIM card allow access to Whatsapp, Instagram, Googles etc?

    YES. You can surf like home.

  • See "data service": is tethering available/possible from day of activation until you reach the 2GB for 15days "fair usage level"?

    YES. "tethering" is available from the day of activation till to reach 2GB.