eSIM Activation Instructions - loyoMobile

In order to activate your new eSIM, follow the following steps.

*Installing the eSIM will activate it, only do it before you want to use the eSIM. 
We recommend installing it a day or two before traveling to your destination.


  • eSIM capable phone
  • eSIM QR code (received by email or through the MobiMatter app/web)
  • Good WiFi connection, preferably not a satellite connection (found on ships or airplanes) or free WiFis (like in airports or cafes) , as these might not work.

Installing the eSIM


1.Go to Settings > Cellular / Mobile Data > Add an eSIM / Add Cellular Plan.


2.Select Use QR Code


3.Scan the QR code given to you.


4.After scanning, click on "Activate eSIM", please note that this process may take a few minutes.


5.Done! When you want to start using the eSIM, see the "Start using the eSIM" section below.


Set up and start using the eSIM

1.Find the newly added eSIM in the list, if you have a lot of eSIMs, it would be the last one on that list. In this example below it is noted as "Business", click and enable "Data Roaming"


2.Click on Cellular Plan Label, and set a custom label for the plan. Enter your order number


3.Go to Settings > Cellular (or Settings >Mobile Data)

4.Click on Cellular / Mobile Data on top of the screen, then choose the eSIM you'd like to use as you named it in the steps before